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Mock Test - General Banking

Dur:10 Min   Max Marks:10   Pass Marks:5 Time Remaining:
  Q 1 .  The minimum value for customer based Real Time Gross settlement transaction is
  a)   Rs 10000
  b)   Rs 1 Lakh
  c)   Rs 2 Lakhs
  d)   Rs 5 Lakhs
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 2 .  If the security value of an asset is not even 10 % of the debit balance in the account, it will be classified as
  a)   doubtful
  b)   loss asset
  c)   substandard
  d)   standard
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 3 .  Which from amongest the following is a reason for cancellation of registration of the Securitisation company and reconstruction company without giving hearing opportunity?
  a)   The company does not keep accounts as per RBI norms.
  b)   The company ceases to carry on the business of securitisation or reconstruction.
  c)   The company falls to hold investment from qualities investor.
  d)   The company does not fulfill any of the conditions imposed at the time of registration.
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 4 .  Minimum and maximum number of share holders in a Private Limited Co?
  a)   2, 50
  b)   5, 50
  c)   2, 20
  d)   5, 20
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 5 .  Under the banking ombudsman scheme an arbitrator is separately appointed by
  a)   Banking ombudsman himslf/herself
  b)   RBI
  c)   GOI-MOF
  d)   GOI law ministry
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 6 .  Liability of the surety is ........ that of the principal debtor.
  a)   primary to
  b)   co-extensive with
  c)   secondary to
  d)   either a or b
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 7 .  The functions of the distribution channel do not includes ......
  a)   Helping the company to do demand forecasting
  b)   Helping the customer in understanding and using the goods
  c)   Marketing research
  d)   Promotion of the sale of goods
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 8 .  The three pillars in achieving social transformation are
  a)   State government/the formal financial system/community base organization and NGOS
  b)   Money lenders/credit societies/RRBS
  c)   Primary cooperative societies/development coop banks/state coop banks
  d)   Mone of the above
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 9 .  A direct marketing channel is also called ...... level channel
  a)   Zero
  b)   One
  c)   Two
  d)   Three
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 10 .  An export client M/s Shanbeg Exports of your branch receives an export order for export of handicraft items to US under a letter of credit of $ 30000. It is stated that your bank can issue another credit in favour of local supplier/manufacturer from whom the exporter is to procure the material. Under which of the following categories, such letter of credit can be classified ......
  a)   red clause letter of credit
  b)   green clause letter of credit
  c)   transferable letter of credit
  d)   back to back letter of credit
  e)   I am not attempting this question