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Mock Test - General Banking

Dur:10 Min   Max Marks:10   Pass Marks:5 Time Remaining:
  Q 1 .  The ceiling for referring cases to LOK ADALAT is
  a)   10 lakhs
  b)   15 lakhs
  c)   20 lakhs
  d)   25 lakhs
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 2 .  Given, Recoveries of loan and advance - Rs. 1200 Crores, Misc capital receipt - Rs. 600 Crores, Market loans - Rs. 500 Crores, Short term borrowings - Rs. 800 Crores, External assistance (Net) - Rs. 300 Crores, State provident fund - Rs. 400 Crores, Other receipts (Net) - Rs. 800 Crores, Securities issued against small savings - Rs. 300 Crores, Recoveries of short term loans and advances from states and loans to govt servents - Rs. 600 Crores, Total Non Tax Revenue - Rs. 3000 Crores, Net Tax Revenue - Rs. 1000 Crores, Draw down cash balance - Rs. 2000 Crores. Calculate Capital Receipt.
  a)   Rs. 2700 Crores
  b)   Rs. 3900 Crores
  c)   Rs. 4300 Crores
  d)   Rs. 5100 Crores
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 3 .  “Buy Now – Pay Now” is commonly used for ......
  a)   Debit Cards
  b)   Vault Cards
  c)   Credit Cards
  d)    E-purse
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 4 .  A lease for agricultural or manufacturing purpose can be terminated by the lesor or lessee by giving ...... notice to one another.
  a)   1 Month
  b)   3 Months
  c)   6 Months
  d)   12 Months
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 5 .  To carryout functions of Central Federal System, USA has been divided into ...... districts.
  a)   10
  b)   12
  c)   15
  d)   25
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 6 .  The business model followed by Banks for retail banking are
  a)   Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Approach
  b)   Departmental Approach
  c)   Integrated Approach
  d)   Anyone of the above
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 7 .  A purchaser of a demand draft for Rs.500,000.00, lost the DD. To obtain a duplicate draft he needs to submit ……
  a)   A Power of Attorney
  b)   A letter
  c)   An Indemnity
  d)   A Mandate
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 8 .  Under Financial Inclusion Plan of the bank, the agents appointed by the bank to collect money and make payments to the depositors are called as
  a)   Branch Managers
  b)   Business Correspondents
  c)   Business Facilitators
  d)   b & c
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 9 .  Which of following concepts point out for a well laid strategy for Retail Banking focusing on Customers?
  a)   Identifying the customers' needs
  b)   Developing appropriate products to satisfy their needs
  c)   Providing them with efficient delivery channels for availing the products
  d)   All the above.
  e)   I am not attempting this question
  Q 10 .  Raghuram rajan is a 23rd governor of RBI.before that he held the post of____
  a)   Finance secretary
  b)   Chief advisor,World bank
  c)   Chief economic advisor,finance ministry
  d)   Chief economist,world bank
  e)   I am not attempting this question