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1. Information can be sought by citizens of India.

2. Fee prescribed for application is Rs.10/- No fee is payable by person below the poverty line.

If applicants request copies.

1. For each page to be created/copied in A4 or A3 size paper - Rs. 2 per copy.
2. For each page to be created in paper of larger size - Actual charge.
3. For inspection of record for first one hour - No charge.
4. For inspection of record for more than 1 hour - Rs.5 per each 15 mins
5. For information to be provided in a diskette of Floppy - Rs. 50 per diskette.

3. The public Information Officer should furnish the information within 30 days of receipt of application (for life or liberty of a person within 48 hours)

4. Penalty Rs.250/- per day maximum of Rs.25000/-

5. Not applicable in Jammu & Kashmir.

6. Any person can appeal (FIRST) within 30 days from receipt of decision or expiry period. Second appeal can be made within 90 days from receipt of decision of first appeal or expiry.

7.  Exemption from disclosure of information is available in terms sec 8 and for rejection as per sec 9.